Branding - Pete's Homemade Bagels

For Pete's Homemade Bagels I wanted to explore packaging design in regards to how takeout packaging is built and designed, like how someone might make takeaway packages for homemade goods. The package itself is designed around having an authentic, personal, and hand-baked feel to tie the design into the product's "Homemade" theme. To push this theming even further I constructed the package to appear more house shaped, making the package appear like the very home it could have been baked in. Much of my process was experimenting with ways to explore how to create a foldable package that would have a unique shape, as well as how the pictorial elements would interact with that shape. I would later create this short animation to help demonstrate how the box would fold together and strengthen the brand's identity even further.

Book Design Projects

Cy Twombly Artist Catalogue
Pictured is an artist catalogue I designed focused on the works of Cy Twombly. The spreads include high definition scans of his artwork and essays written by art historians discussing the impact his work has had on the wider art world. Twombly's artistic style makes use of gestural linework and a mixed media approach, using paints, pencils, crayons and other mark-making tools. To emulate this I made marks of my own with pencils and oil crayons, scanned them to create digital versions of each mark and placed them alongside Twombly's works, allowing every page to maintain a similar visual feel to the works presented on them.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mock Cover
My goal for this book cover was to establish a fresh visual identity for a classic story. Selecting The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as the book cover to recreate, I wanted to deviate from the typical classic picaresque illustration style that has been commonly used for books from this era and depict something in a more whimsical and childish style, emphasizing the feeling of boyhood adventure the story conveys. Visually, I wanted to depict a less-discussed scene from the book where the protagonists discover a house floating down the Mississippi river, a scene evocative of the many strange encounters Huck and Jim encounter on their many adventures. I chose to render the cover using a mix of illustration styles to give the cover a more whimsical feel and add a sense of gesture, which fits the type of active narrative adventure stories such as this tend to employ due to its implied motion.

Packaging Design - Spice of the Month Club

Shown here is Spice of the Month Club, a monthly subscription box filled with hot sauces, spices, and other spicy goodies shipped right to your door. The box would be bound with a slide cover and all contents held in place using cut paper and the tension from the slide cover. Visually, I wanted to evoke naturalistic imagery to draw attention to the organic ingredients in the box's contents while making use of more modern design techniques to make the product more appealing to contemporary consumers. I took a lot of inspiration from botanical illustrations to establish the natural vibe while simplifying the rendering of each image to make the piece look a bit more modern. Also, considering the naturalistic design motif, all the contents are recyclable, though I used a laser cutter to etch an intricate design into the chipboard to make it worth keeping and reusing.